Unloading the days catch.


After 8 hrs on the sea hauling 90 pots it is time to unload the 2250 lb catch of the day. While I am enjoying my time working aboard “Empty Pockets” I have decided that it is not something I would like to do for a living.  It is hard work and I have a new found respect for the Eastern Canada Fisherman.

I can not imagine what it would be like to haul 250 pots, sometimes 2 or 3, times a day, during lobster season for a measly 3.75 a pound. Thats right, I said 3.75 a pound, remember that next time your cracking open the claws of a lobster you just paid 60 dollars for. It should be a crime to be paid so little when you have done all the work of bringing them to market.

Heading out again today in hopes of catching our 3000 lb limit of Rock Crab. Sounds like a windfall of money but at 45 cents a pound it takes a lot of crab and sweat to make a fraction of what someone working on the line at one of the big three would make.

New Neigbours.


Magic Days just arrived here in Charlottetown. Some might think “Ah, big deal, just another powerboat”. But this one is special, it left Windsor Ontario just after we did and to make even more special I took a photo of it aboard a frieghter as it was entrering the Detroit River where the new owner took delivery. That’s it in the middle of the photo below.


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